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Sadaqah and General Donations

Why support Cambridge Islamic College?

The College takes on students who have the right aptitude and desire to learn about Islam and wish to play a positive and constructive role in society. They do this through a rigorous study of the Islamic sciences and think through how that can be applied to the issues facing the individuals and the communities today.

We have purchased a building for the on-site full-time Aliliyyah students. Alongside the costs of running the college, we have to pay back the loans (Qardhi Hasana) that is outstanding.

We have a team of excellent teachers under the guidance of Shaykh Mohammad Akram Nadwi who are not only teachers but role models for our students.

We have the students, who are talented, dedicated, and willing to give time, but some of them need financial support. The college has to choose to either refuse entry to these students or take them on with the college taking on this extra responsibility of raising these extra funds. We do not think we should turn down people, who have the talents and desire, simply because of finances.

It is a sad fact that most institutes of learning have to survive on very tight budgets. Cambridge Islamic College is no exception.

There is absolutely no way that a college like this can be up and running without the support of the communities. Thanks to your donations, we have come this far. Whilst we work on setting up and building for the future, we need your support now.

Please continue to support the college and its students and share in the reward.

Donate via bank transfer:

Cambridge Islamic College
Sort Code: 401608
Account No: 84237854
Bank: HSBC Cambridge City
Reference: Sadaqah

For International Payments:
Beneficiary: Cambridge Islamic College
Beneficiary Address: 58 Sturton Street, Cambridge CB1 2QA, UK
Bank: HSBC Bank
Branch/Bank Identifier Code (BIC/SWIFT): HBUKGB4103J
International Bank Account Number (IBAN): GB08HBUK40160884237854
Bank Address: 63-64 St Andrews Street, Cambridge CB2 3BZ, UK

Please email confirming the payment; for receipt and for gift aid declaration (if applicable).

Donate Online


You can donate online via CharityCheckout, JustGiving or PayPal according to your preference. CharityCheckout and JustGiving can also collect GiftAid on behalf of CIC from UK donors.

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IMPORTANT: Don't forget to UN TICK 'paying for goods or a service' so PayPal does not take a commission. This is a donation.

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