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Diploma in Qur’an and Tafsir Studies


Cambridge Islamic College is offering a 1 year comprehensive part-time Diploma programme in Qur'an & Tafsir Studies. The programme consists of 4 modules, each module is 3 months in duration.  

The lectures for all of these Diplomas are now available via DeepDeen.

Modules are as follows:

Diploma in Qur'an and Tafsir Studies I - Juz' Tabarak Part 1

Explores the first half of Juz’ Tabarak from Surah al-Mulk to Surah al-Jinn. These are some of the most powerful surahs in the Qur’an. These surahs of the Qur’an are the ideal places to start as the surahs therein are succinct, yet with very deep and profound meanings that would shake and change the thinking of the people.    

Diploma in Qur'an and Tafsir Studies II - Juz' Tabarak Part 2

Explores the second half of Juz Tabarak from Surah al-Muzzammil to Surah al-Mursalat. This part contains two striking surahs that teach the Prophet sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam how to prepare and carry out his mission of da`wah. Then the rest of the surah alert us the reality of this world and more importantly the reality of the afterlife.

Diploma in Qur'an and Tafsir Studies III - Juz' 'Amma Part 1

Explores explores the first half of the Juz Amma from Surah al-Naba’ to Surah al-Tariq, these surahs are short in length but very weighty in meaning, carrying the core essential message of the Qur’an

Diploma in Qur'an and Tafsir Studies IV - Juz' 'Amma Part 2

Explores explores the second half of the Juz Amma from Surah al-A’alaa to Surah al-Naas. These last 28 surahs are the shortest in the Qur’an, yet they are the most powerful.   Lecturer: The classes are taught [pre-recorded] by Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi, Dean of Cambridge Islamic College. Further academic support is provided by the College’s Islamic scholars who are authorities in various specialist subjects relevant to the course.

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