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Learn Arabic Module 1

  • Diploma in Arabic
    and Islamic Studies
    Your opportunity to study the Arabic language and
    Islamic Studies designed and taught by
    a scholar of the highest reputation and recognition,
    an authority and expert of the
    Arabic Language and Islamic Sciences.
By the end of the full programme including all eight modules, you will have covered all of the components below.

Learn how to do the acts of worship (prayer, fasting, zakah, hajj, etc.) properly and with understanding.

Learn the lives of the major Prophets, sirah of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon them all, and some elementary aspects of the history of Islam and Islamic society.

Ddevelop skills in reading, speaking and writing Standard Arabic. It will include a wide range of literary and non-literary reading matter to improve essential comprehension skills. 

Study the important hadiths on which legal rulings are based. You will learn the meanings of those hadiths and the detailed discussions in the interpretation of them for law. 

Module 1

By the end of module 1 of this programme, you will have been introduced to the basics of Arabic Grammar and Morphology, you will learn how to structure basic sentences in Arabic. You will have mastered the equational sentence, you will have fully understood case endings, plurals noun-adjective phrases, demonstratives, most of the rules of agreement in Arabic, and much more in sha Allah!

Learn Arabic - Modules Two to Eight To Be Released Soon!

Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi

Our hope is for this course to meet the basic needs of Muslims living in the West. By doing this course, alongside doing the national curriculum, they will get a secure foundation on which they can build intelligent, informed practice of their religion, and from which they can proceed to further and deeper study of Arabic and of the Islamic sciences.

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Learn Arabic - Module 1

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