Full time courses – application deadlines approaching

The application deadline for our two residential degree programmes, is the 20th of September. Our Arabic mastery course is perfect for those who want to learn the language of their creator, whilst our Alimiyyah degree programme is a unique programme, providing you with the skillset needed to become an ‘Alim’ in just 2 years.   For more information and to apply […]


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Introduction to Cambridge Islamic College by Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi


  • Website Development in Progress!

    As the College is developing rapidly, the website changes are under way. You will see start to see these changes by the end of October. WATCH THIS SPACE!

  • Standing on the Plain of ʿArafah

    By Dr. Mohammad Akram Nadwī Oxford, UK Translated by Dr. Abu Zayd     Standing in ʿArafah is ṣalāh just as ṭawāf is ṣalāh, for Ḥajj combines all forms of ṣalāh together. Ṣalāh essentially signifies entry into the presence of God. When an ordinary person comes before a powerful king into his majesty’s immediate presence, […]

  • What is Easter to a Muslim?

    Easter is a Christian celebration on what they believe to be the resurrection of Jesus after he died on the cross for the sins of his people.   Now, Christians and Muslims have many beliefs in common, along with our Jewish cousins. We are all People of the Book, worshiping the same Lord and believing in […]

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