Surah Al-Imran – Now part of DeepDeen

A 2 year part-time comprehensive course on Tasfir of Surah Al-Imran by Dr Mohammed Akram Nadwi.

Why Cambridge Islamic College?

Our mission is to produce a generation of independent Islamic scholars and thinkers who are at the same time working professionals …

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Introduction to Cambridge Islamic College by Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi


  • Those Eligible To Receive Zakah

    By: Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi Your question: Who should I pay my zakah to in the West? My response: The qualification in the question, “in the West”, does not have much significance for the answer, except that in the West, Muslims however numerous, do not (or do not yet) organise the collection and expenditure of […]

  • Depression Through the Light of Faith

    As we sink into the colder months many people will feel their mood sink. ‘Winter Blues‘, ‘Seasonal Affected Disorder‘ or plain old depression is most prominent in December and January in the Northern hemisphere. Join Dr Zeyn Green-Thompson as he explores Depression and other mental health issues in the light of religion. Understand Mental health issues from the perspective of […]

  • The Four Madhahib

    Are They Important? “[The imams of the past] were not interested in schools, they did not want followers. They were interested only to help the believers“ ‘The Four Madhabs’ is a life-changing seminar by Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi that explores in detail the origins, principles, development, differences, application, spread and the influence of the four common […]

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