What is Easter to a Muslim?

Easter is a Christian celebration on what they believe to be the resurrection of Jesus after he died on the cross for the sins of his people.  

Now, Christians and Muslims have many beliefs in common, along with our Jewish cousins. We are all People of the Book, worshiping the same Lord and believing in the same prophets, starting with Adam, the first man. 

As a Muslim reading that first sentence, there’s a lot we would find problematic. Most prominently Jesus Christ did not die on the cross. 

When we dig in further the concept of Easter becomes even more complex. This festival (and Christmas) has fallen prey to Capitalism. What may once have been a sign that you were a Christian, has now become a culture, celebrated by western society and disconnected from religion. 

happy-easter-congratulatory-easter-background-easter-eggs-and-flowers-M1M2B6   But deeper than that, when investigating the origin of Easter, we find a rich Pagan history. Ever wondered where Easter Chocolate eggs and bunnies came from? Easter originates from Pagan Spring festivals, celebrating re-birth and fertility and the coming of Summer, pre-dating Christianity or the birth of Jesus AS. 


   The Qur’an tells us about Isa AS Christ The Messiah, his birth, life and death are all mentioned in the majestic Chapter Al Imran. 

   It is our duty to understand the truth of our dear Prophet Jesus Christ AS, so we and our children have no misguiding when living in amongst other faiths. 


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