The Four Madhahib

Are They Important?
[The imams of the past] were not interested in schools, they did not want followers. They were interested only to help the believers

‘The Four Madhabs’ is a life-changing seminar by Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi that explores in detail the origins, principles, development, differences, application, spread and the influence of the four common schools of thought – Maliki, Hanafi, Shafie’ and Hanabali Madhabs – and some of the less known ones. It also looks at the “alternative Madhabs” such as the Salafi, Ahl al-Hadith and “Progressive” schools and concludes with the relevance of Madhabs in the modern world and our attitude towards them.

The aim is not to covert, or have one opinion, but to debate and discuss together.
4 madhabs 2

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