Saber Ben Neticha

“I have done 4 years of Islamic Studies at an Islamic institute. I was therefore not sure how much I would benefit from the diploma “Introduction to Classical Islamic Texts”. Then I decided  to attend anyway with the intention of at least revising my Islamic studies. Also I was not sure how I could follow the course as English is not my first language. But just after a few minutes of attending I was highly impressed. The professional organization made it very easy for me to catch up on the missed classes. The online live-class with high technical standards and the facility to ask questions was very beneficial. So far the class has not only been a revision but much more than that. Dr Akram Nadwi has very high qualities and the depth he goes into is phenomenal. He covers many details which are indeed very hard to find anywhere else. Therefore this course, in my view, is unique in terms of the content as well as the organization. I’m quite sure that I will attend the next series as well. I would recommend these classes to everyone. Thank you very much for Cambridge Islamic Sciences Worldwide for their efforts and for providing such great seminars.”

- Saber Ben Neticha, Frankfurt, Germany
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