Ghazzala Hussain

“I am currently enrolled on the Arabic & Islamic Studies Diploma course which is being taught my Shaykh Muhammad Akram Nadwi. I had two reasons for signig up to this course; my newly found ‘love ‘ for the Arabic language and also because it was to be taught by one of the renowned scholars of our time. I am thorughly enjoying the course and think the course structure and syllabus is very good. The Shaykh’s method of teaching the language before introducing grammar is a very good approach, as when one teaches a child to speak you do not explain the grammar rules first! When the grammar is then introduced I beleive it will make more sense inshAllah. The live classes are very interactive and the Shaykh encourages everone to participate. There is plenty of time to ask questions both online and in live classes.

The admin team are very prompt with replying to any questions,queries or problems that are raised by students and try their best to accomodate the needs of every student as best they can. Within the first term there is already a sense of brother/sisterhood developing almost like we are becoming a family which is an added bonus!

I attend most of my sessions online and admin staff ensure that online users ‘voices’ are heard by asking our questions and reading out any comments or suggestions we have. I am already gaining confidence reading Arabic texts and hope to end this course after two years being able to speak, read and write fluently in Arabic inshAllah.” 

– Ghazzala Hussain, London, United Kingdom
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