Faria Alam

“The best part of learning Arabic Language with Shaykh Akram has been the fact that you can see in the class how not a single moment is wasted and all those three hours are productive hours of active learning, Alhamdulillah. I am able to learn actively because I can see how deeply grounded Shaykh is in this field and how much efforts he has been giving in trying to make the learning of this language easy for his students. I have been on this journey of learning the Arabic language for a few years now, under several teachers, and learning under Shaykh Akram has been one of the most fulfilling experiences. He really emphasizes on the fact that students must work hard and I think I have internalized this quite well Alhamdulillaah and I do make the effort of repeating the lessons forty times! Anyone who is passionate and has the dedication to learn the Arabic language, must enrol into this program, even if online. The Cambridge Islamic College team works really hard to make sure people have a good online experience and doing the classes online myself, I must say we do have a great experience online, Alhamdulillaah.”

– Faria Alam, Cambridge United Kingdom
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