Faraz Mir

“Prior to attending, I like many Muslims was aware of the importance and centrality of Sahih al-Bukhari to Sunni Islam and the great effort Imam Bukhari put in to compile this monumental work. But beyond that I had very little knowledge about the inner workings and methodology employed by the Imam. The course was simply amazing. I now feel that I now have at least a working overview of Sahih al-Bukhari and once again – as with all Shaykh Akram courses – my mind has been blown. I often think that attending his classes is like taking Morpheus’s “red pill” from the Matrix! May Allah reward and preserve Shaykh Akram and the Cambridge Islamic College team. I look forward to the next course in the Classical Texts series and to my mind being blown once again!”

– Faraz Mir, Luton, UK
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