Azam Mohamed

“I truly think that this course by Shaykh Akram and Cambridge Islamic College is the best part time Arabic course available. Listening to Shaykh Akram speak and observing his etiquettes makes me think of the Sunnah, there are very few people like this, who have such a love for the ummah and the deen and strive their utmost to benefit the Muslims. His teaching style is very engaging, at times he mentions stories of the salaf just to inspire the students. The mere fact that a scholar of such a high calibre is teaching complete beginners is really something to be taken advantage of. Most other Arabic courses are not taught by people that are properly qualified and they fail to motivate their students. This is not the case with Shaykh Akram Nadwi! With regards to the textbooks it is not the typical books used by most courses to teach Arabic, which is awesome as it’s not purely grammar and not purely conversational. There is a great balance, it keeps the course interesting and the students eager to learn more.

The Cambridge Islamic College team is doing an amazing job at making sure we have plenty of support outside of the weekly lessons. With weekly tutorials and tutor dialogues where you can interact with teachers who can answer your questions either in the tutorial or via a personal message allows a greater exposure to the language. All in all I would thoroughly recommend this course to everyone as there is nothing like it available in the west and this opportunity may not come again!” 

– Azam Mohamed, Undergraduate Student, London, United Kingdom
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