Ayan Ali

“The Introduction to Sahih Al-Bukhari was my first ever course with Sheikh Akram. Prior to this course I did not know much about the Sheikh nor of Cambridge Islamic Sciences. The experience of this was something truly unique and one I have rarely come across. I have been to a number of courses on various topics, but the Sheikhs approach to the subject matter is truly one of a kind. I have been to several courses, yet I can truly say the amount I learnt in just this weekend was on another level. The sheikh has inherited the rich classical Islamic scholarship of thinking, understanding and research that is rarely known and advocated amongst us now. He teaches purely with the intention of teaching you and not to advocate his opinions. The sheikh has a deep wisdom and gives you other perspectives of how things are, giving you a more rounded view of the bigger picture. Unfortunately this is something rarely advocated in studying Islam, and I am truly grateful to Allah for giving me the opportunity to experience this from Cambridge Islamic College. I would sincerely advise anyone searching to not only learn Islam but understand and truly appreciate it as the earlier Muslims did to most definitely enrol onto this course.”

– Ayan Ali, London, UK
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