Islamic History

Diploma in History of Sufism & Introduction to Classical Spirituality Texts


History of Sufism and Introduction to Classical Spirituality Texts is a ground-breaking programme for the first time in the English language that explores in detail the history and the sources of sufism. This is a 6 month Diploma programme (6 days of lectures spanning over 6 months) with Dr Mohammed Akram Nadwi.

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Diploma in History of Female Islamic Scholarship


This is an intensive course on Female scholarship in Islam. Selected set of Female islamic scholars biography will be studied in great detail so we can understand, learn, benefit from their contribution to islam in the past

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Diploma in Seerah of the Major Prophets


Diploma in Seerah of the Major Prophets explores the universal message and the particularities of the major prophets mentioned in the Qur’an. The prophets are chosen by God and are guided to accomplish the most important mission one could imagine. Their mission is to inform mankind of what they could not know by themselves with their knowledge, reasoning or experience. This include how to worship God, how to live in this world, the reality of death and the life after death.

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