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Surah Yasin – The Heart of The Qur’an


 With Ramadan fast approaching it is time to begin the very important process of reconnecting with the Book of Allah to make sure that our hearts and minds are ready to sustain a deep engagement with the Quran during the holy month.

To help facilitate this, Cambridge Islamic College is delighted to bring you a one-day course on Surah Yasin taught by Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi. Shaykh Akram has a unique approach to Tafseer, combining a rigorous adherence to the rules and conventions of the Arabic language with an ability to tap into the deeper meanings and lessons conveyed by the words of Allah. Don’t miss out on this unique experience, sign up today, and ensure that you enter Ramadan in the best possible state.

Tickets are free for members of our new video platform, DeepDeen – sign up today at for Surah Yasin and thousands of other courses for only £19.

Surah Yasin – The Heart of the Qur’an

By Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi

Date: Saturday 27 April 2019  Time: 9.30AM – 5.00PM

Venue: Claremont High School, New Hall
Claremont Avenue, Harrow, London HA3 OUH

Fees: £20 or Free for members