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Clarifying Common Misunderstandings

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Cambridge Islamic College presents – A unique day course with Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi, Dean of Cambridge Islamic College

Clarifying Common Misunderstandings:

Men & Women: Between Sunnah & Culture
Sunnah, Shariah Law & Khilafah

An opportunity to learn from a well-respected senior scholar with the aim of clarifying some commonly held misunderstandings regarding some topical and at times controversial issues.

Features of Course:

  • An explanation of Prophetic guidance and Prophetic practice vis-a-vis culture regarding the roles and responsibilities of men and women.
  • Looking at the Sunnah, Shariah and law and Shariah councils, concepts of Khilafah and Islamic state, their relevance and applicability to us today.

The course will contrast between widely held views, which are often cultural or political in origin and compare these with Prophetic guidance from the authentic Sunnah.

There will be ample opportunity for questions and answers so this is a course not to be missed!

Only £10 All are welcome to attend.

Venue :

Madinah Masjid, 128-130 Oak Rd, Luton, LU4 8AQ

Date : Saturday – 24th Nov 2018

Timings: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm


Please note that all proceeds from the courses go for charitable purposes. Cambridge Islamic College is a UK registered charity.