An urgent plea for help from CIC

“I am a Muslim who is starting to doubt Islam”

Alhamdulillah, Cambridge Islamic College has come a long way and we are now nearly at the end of the first year of our full-time programme. It has been a continuous and ongoing struggle, but we persevere because of the stories of impact we hear from Muslim men and women, especially youth who were affected by atheistic propaganda. Many were having serious doubts about Islam, Qur’an, the Prophet and Allah. This is a deeply worrying phenomenon becoming an everyday occurrence, not just in the West but worldwide, even in Muslim-majority countries such as Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Pakistan. For instance, the free Arabic version of the book “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins is being most downloaded in Saudi Arabia and there is a rising tide of youth agreeing with this atheistic ideology.


I am a Muslim who’s starting to doubt Islam. To start off I’ve always had strong faith that God exists. but due to certain events doubts have started creeping into my mind this year. I pray 5 times a day and I don’t feel anything. I read Quran and same thing. I feel despair. How can God be compassionate and at the same time let all these people suffer. I never thought I’d say this, but I am this close to renouncing Islam. I want answers.”

Alhamdulillah, the work of Cambridge Islamic College has directly impacted and helped so many people around the world. It is vitally important that we continue in our work and not stop now. Cambridge Islamic College is working to produce a network of Islamic scholars and thinkers who can address  the intellectual and faith crises Muslims are facing, whether it be from militant forms of atheism or other ideologies – Darwinism, science (or scientism), secularism, philosophy, liberalism, feminism, orientalism or popular media – Hollywood, Bollywood or even ‘the news’.


The challenges we have today can be summed up in the increasingly common statement that Muslims make when they reach out for answers – “I am a Muslim who’s starting to doubt Islam”. This is to be expected because the internet, media, schools, colleges, universities and workplaces are growingly hostile to religion, especially Islam.

“O you who believe! Save yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is men and stones!” [Surah Tahrim 66:6]

How is Cambridge Islamic College helping?

1. Cambridge Islamic College removes the division between ‘secular’ and ‘religious’, integrating education and bringing back the strength and the respect the Muslims had when they were firmly grounded in religious conviction while at the same time contributing to the whole society with their professional skills and training in science, technology, arts and commerce.

“Cambridge Islamic College aims to provide an opportunity for believers from all walks of life and from all career paths to embark on an Islamic studies programme to qualify as an Islamic scholar (‘Alim). A medical doctor may be able marvel further at the beauty of the creation of the human body and mind, an engineer at the majesty of His design of the heavens and the earth. CIC aspires to train believers across society – and not simply those intending to be full-time scholars – to be catalysts in helping others to learn how to think clearly in being imbued by a deep knowledge of the Message of God. May it be a blessed venture.” – Dr Muhammad Zeyn Green-Thompson, Consultant Psychiatrist, Cambridge


2. Cambridge Islamic College places emphasis on unity and integration instead of division and isolation

Unity of Education – Islamic Scholarship enriching secular education with religious studies to produce independent scholars and thinkers who are also working professionals.

Unity of Gender – Islamic Scholarship that is equally accessible for men and women, enabling both to become equally responsible and active members of society.

Unity of People – Islamic Scholarship beyond sectarian, theological, jurisprudential, cultural and geographical differences.

Unity of Research – Islamic Scholarship integrating both classical and modern research methodologies, analyses and techniques.

3. Cambridge Islamic College trains students to think critically and analytically. This outcome is reflected in the selection of textbooks for the curriculum, all of them authored by great thinkers and scholars of Islam.

4. Cambridge Islamic College answers those important questions in life that have been overlooked and unanswered even by the best of Cambridge’s scientists and philosophers such as Newton and Darwin.

5. Cambridge Islamic College fills the vacuum for the development of rigorous, in-depth Islamic scholarship in Cambridge which prizes learning and scholarship and is at the forefront in almost every other field of knowledge.

6. Cambridge Islamic College teaches Islamic Sciences, explaining their relevance to society with advanced academic integrity and intellectual rigour surpassing that of any university.

7. Cambridge Islamic College will produce a network of Islamic scholars and thinkers who can relate to the youth and address the intellectual and faith crises they are facing.

If we are to succeed, we need a concerted community effort. We ask you for a special favour to help sustain Cambridge Islamic College and

“…help one another in goodness and piety…” [Surah al-Ma’idah 5:2].


How can you help the College financially?

1. You can pay your Zakat to CIC “in the way of Allah” and help those full-time students struggling to fund their studies. These are students who have given up their livelihood to dedicate themselves to full-time studies so that when they graduate, they are able to work in their communities to bring much needed change.

Please read “Those Eligible To Receive Zakah” for any clarification.


2. You can pay your Sadaqah to CIC and help to maintain and develop the College. You would also help to pay off debts acquired from purchasing property to run the College. This will be a sadaqah jariyah for you, giving continuous reward and blessing for years to come.


3. You can lend to CIC and help with its development projects. These are interest-free qard-hasan loans advanced to CIC for 12 months or up to 5 years.

What is the College’s requirement?

Cambridge Islamic College is a UK registered charity and relies upon support from its donors and well-wishers to carry out its mission. It does not receive funding from any government.

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We have an urgent funding requirement of £180,000 before we can start the second cohort of our full-time programme.

“Lend unto Allah a goodly loan. Whatever good you shall forward on your behalf you shall find it with Allah, as better and richer in reward.” [Quran 73: 20]

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) informed us that

“Allah said: ‘Spend, O son of Adam, and I shall spend on you.’” [Bukhari]

How can you contribute?

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Jazakumullahu Khair for your support.

Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi

Dean, Cambridge Islamic College