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By: Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi Oxford The covid-19 pandemic has caused massive disruptions in the lives of millions of people all over the world. There is, first of all, the personal suffering of those who have had to cope with the loss of members of family and other loved ones –– the officially recorded death […]

Coping with the Covid-19 outbreak by: Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi Oxford Covid-19 is spreading at great speed throughout the human population of the world. While Europe and the USA are reporting the highest number of infections, all countries are affected. If the disease spreads in the same way everywhere, there can be no doubt that […]

Two rulings related to present emergency by: Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi Oxford One of my students who is a medical doctor in one of the hospitals in the UK asked me following: Q: Some doctor brothers are having issues in hospitals at this critical time. They have been advised to shorten or shave off their […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19).Guidance regarding the religious gatherings of Muslims by: Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi Oxford Translated by: Maulana M Talhah At this present time, the Coronavirus has spread to almost every country in the world, and is continuing to spread very rapidly. There is no cure that has been found to combat this virus. The most […]

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Guidelines for Muslims on Coronavirus Covid-19 by: Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi Oxford Coronavirus Covid-19 has reached all countries and continents and has just recently been declared a global pandemic. Many are circulating all sorts of information, precautions and treatments as a response to this outbreak, leading to more anxiety, confusion, and possibly harmful behaviours. We […]

Issues related to those who have died from the corona virus: Washing their bodies, their burial and funeral prayers By Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi Oxford Some community workers have put to me some questions concerning those who have died as a result of infection by the coronavirus: Q: Since the bodies (and the inside and […]

By Dr. Mohammad Akram Nadwī Oxford, UK Translated by Dr. Abu Zayd     Standing in ʿArafah is ṣalāh just as ṭawāf is ṣalāh, for Ḥajj combines all forms of ṣalāh together. Ṣalāh essentially signifies entry into the presence of God. When an ordinary person comes before a powerful king into his majesty’s immediate presence, […]

By: Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi Your question: Who should I pay my zakah to in the West? My response: The qualification in the question, “in the West”, does not have much significance for the answer, except that in the West, Muslims however numerous, do not (or do not yet) organise the collection and expenditure of […]

By: Mohammad Akram Nadwi Some brothers and sisters have asked me to comment on a practice that is increasingly reported of travelling Muslim scholars and teachers of Islam in the West, and those who travel to the West as teachers and preachers. This is the practice of contracting secret marriages in the places these scholars […]