Arabic Studies

Diploma in Classical Arabic Rhetoric – Introduction to Balagha


Cambridge Islamic College is offering a 8 month part-time Diploma programme in introducing ʿIlm al-balāgha – Classical Arabic Rhetoric. It is undoubtedly one of the most important subjects that no serious student of Arabic and Islamic studies should be denied of the opportunity to learn, master and enjoy

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Diploma in Arabic & Islamic Studies


Cambridge Islamic College is offering a two-year foundational/intermediate level course in Arabic language and Islamic studies. It is designed to qualify participants for admission into the College’s ‘Alimiyyah Degree programme, as well as for those who wish to achieve general competency in Arabic and Islamic studies. It is intended for those who can only devote part of their time to these subjects. The course has four components: Arabic language, hadith, fiqh and general Islamic studies.

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