Short Courses

Tajweed for Beginners – Level 1 – Onsite


A four month programme designed to take students from no knowledge of Tajweed to an intermediate level reciting and recognising the basics of Tajweed.

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Psychosis Through the Light of Faith


Psychosis is a mental health problem that causes people to perceive or interpret things differently from those around them. The two main symptoms of psychosis are: hallucinations – where a person hears, sees and, in some cases, feels, smells or tastes things that aren’t there; a common hallucination is hearing voices delusions – where a person has strong beliefs that aren’t […]

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Surah Yusuf – Lessons from the Best of Stories


Cambridge Islamic College is pleased to introduce a series of lectures on Surah Yusuf by Dr Tareq Moqbel. The lessons from the story of Yusuf (‘alayhi salam) are timeless and are relevant to both young and old. This is a great opportunity to spend about an hour every other week reflecting on Surah Yusuf and, […]

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Beautiful Names of Allah – Part 2


The Beautiful Names of Allah By Dr Jinan Yousef Cambridge Islamic College is pleased to announce the second part of the upcoming free course on The Beautiful Names of Allah by Dr Jinan Yousef. The Prophet (peace be upon him) taught us in a sound Hadith that Allah has 99 Names, and whoever learns and […]

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