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Diploma in Usul al-Deen – Fundamentals of Islam




Diploma in Usul al-Deen is a unique programme dealing with the fundamentals of Islam at an extraordinarily deep level. The programme consists of courses on the pillars of Islam as well as dawah to help encapsulate and present the fundamentals to the people around us. The main feature of this programme is that it not only covers the outer dimensions of the pillars of Islam but more importantly the inner dimension which are rarely discussed among the Muslims and non-Muslim alike. This programme will bring people to the real core of the religion which are sadly misunderstood by even many Muslims. It teaches how to practice the fundamentals not just with our body and tongue but also with our mind, heart and soul.

Who is it for ?

This is suitable for both beginner and advanced students as although it covers the fundamentals but at level that is far deeper than any other programme of its kind. It is also suitable for new Muslims and those who have doubts about Islam as the course discusses challenges and questions of faith and practice in an intellectually challenging and spiritually uplifting manner.


  • La-ilaaha-illallah – Understanding the Shahada for True Servitude to Allah
  • The Real Fiqh of Salah
  • The Treasures of Ramadhan – Detailed Study of Ramadhan Focusing on Purification & Self-Development
  • The Inner and Outer Dimensions of Zakat
  • The Journey of Hajj – In The Footsteps of Ibrahim (AS)
  • Purposeful Dawah – The Art of Inviting to Allah according to Qur’an and Seerah

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Course Structure

Start Date : 1st Sep 2018

[This Diploma is part of Term-1 : Diploma in Essential Islamic Sciences – Level 1]

  • Duration – 3 months
  • 12 Lessons – One lesson per week
  • Each lesson – 3 hours in duration
  • Prerecorded lectures
  • Lectures – Every Saturday 7:00pm
  • Live Tutorial – Once every 2 weeks
  • Exam- End of the Course
  • Certification provided upon the successful completion of exam
  • 36 hours of lectures + 6 hours of live tutorials

Course Timetable

(All Module lectures are delivered via our online Learning Management System)


Lesson 1 & 2]

Lesson 3 & 4]

 Live Tutorial

 La-ilaaha-illallah – Understanding the Shahada for True Servitude to Allah  1st Sept 2018  8th Sept 2018  See LMS
 The Real Fiqh of Salah  15th Sept 2018  22nd Sept 2018  See LMS
 The Treasures of Ramadhan – Detailed Study of Ramadhan Focusing on Purification& Self-Development  29th Sept 2018  6th Oct 2018  See LMS
 The Inner and Outer Dimensions of Zakat  13th Oct 2018  20th Oct 2018  See LMS
 The Journey of Hajj – In The Footsteps of Ibrahim (AS)  27th Oct 2018  3rd Nov 2018  See LMS
 Purposeful Dawah – The Art of Inviting to Allah according to Qur’an and Seerah  10th Nov 2018  17th Nov 2018  See LMS



Course Outline

Module 1 – La-ilaaha-illallah – Understanding the Shahada for True Servitude to Allah

There are no other words more powerful and more profound in the entire universe than the shahada – la-ilaaha-illallah – there is none to be worshiped except Allah. The entire humankind has been created for this purpose. The shahada is ingrained in every human being as well as in every other living and non-living creation around us. Yet because of the special status of man Allah sent Prophets and Messengers to remind mankind about this purpose and to inform that success and happiness depend on how truly one lives by it.

It is unfortunate today that people, including Muslims, have lost track of this purpose. Instead of the servitude and the worship of Allah they have become so engaged in worldly pursuits that these pursuits themselves have become the purpose of their life. And on the other hand many have misunderstood the shahada like the previous nations did and ended up violating the rights of Allah by violating the rights of the shahada.

Without a doubt the most powerful and profound words require a deep understanding. A very superficial understanding of the shahada is all what we possess. This is reflected in our thinking (mind), our feelings (spirit) and in our actions (body). How do we then acquire a deep understanding? The only way is through the Qur’an and the teachings of the Prophets and Messengers. This is the way Allah chose to teach people. This unique groundbreaking seminar by Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi deals with that.

Module 2 – The Real Fiqh of Salah

“Seek help with steadfastness and prayer– though this is hard indeed for anyone but the humble”  [Qur’an 2:45]

“But there came after them generations who neglected prayer and were driven by their own desires. These will come face to face with their evil” [Qur’an 19:59]

“There is nothing more important in the life of a believer than the prayer (salah). If someone says Islam is the prayer they are not wrong as prayer is the best way to turn to Allah subhana huwa ta’ala. We have been created to turn to Allah alone (hanifiyyah) and to submit to Him (islam). Prayer combines both of these aspects. This is why the first thing commanded to all the Prophets, Messengers and their followers is the prayer” – Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi

If there is nothing more important in ones life than prayer then why do we ignore it; why do we neglect it and why do we not enjoy it? The simple answer is we do not know what prayer is; we do not know what prayer means and we do not know how to pray. As a result our prayers have become superficial and lacking life. We focus on the outward aspects of the prayer (and sometimes even fight over them) but the inward is neglected. The real prayer is the prayer that is prayed with not only the body and the tongue but also with the mind and the heart. So how do we bring back the real spirit of the prayer in our lives, the prayer that combines the mind, body and the heart?

Module 3 – The Treasures of Ramadhan – Detailed Study of Ramadhan Focusing on Purification & Self-Development

Ramadhan comes and goes every year but the effect of each Ramadhan is meant to stay not just until next Ramadhan but for the rest of a Muslim’s life. So more Ramadhans one goes through the more they should be spiritually pure, morally upright and intellectually wise. However this is not the case for the vast majority of the Muslims because they misunderstand the purpose, wisdom and the practicalities of Ramadhan. For many Fasting is just another ritual. This was alluded to by the Prophet (PBUH) when he said: “Many people who fast get nothing from their fast except hunger and thirst, and many people who pray at night get nothing from it except wakefulness”. Surely no one wants to be in this state but sadly many are. This is easily seen by looking at the effect Ramadhan has on ones life. Unfortunately for many there is no effect – their life before and after Ramadhan is the same. In other words they have a dead Ramadhan. This seminar can transform your Ramadhan to heights that you have never seen before and give you the real experience of Ramadhan that many have never tasted before.

Module 4 – The Inner and Outer Dimensions of Zakat

Zakat is a pillar of Islam yet it is little understood. This is not just with regard to the possible complications in calculating Zakat in modern times but mainly because its meaning, purpose and goals have been misunderstood. People generally think that Zakat is there to “purify the wealth” and “alleviate poverty” but these are not the main objectives. Zakat is there for much greater purposes than these. It is these higher purposes or the inner dimensions of Zakat that make Zakat so important that it is one of the pillars of Islam, equivalent to the Salah (Prayer). Zakat is almost always mentioned alongside Salah in the Qur’an. What is this special relationship between Zakat and Salah? And what are the higher purposes of Zakat?

No doubt, the seminar will address the outer dimensions or the practical aspects of Zakat. But the focus of the seminar would be the higher purposes or the inner dimensions of Zakat which, if really understood, make Zakat a spiritual goldmine (for self purification – tazkiyyah) and a miracle of Islam.

Module 5 – The Journey of Hajj – In The Footsteps of Ibrahim (AS)

This seminar will prepare those going for Hajj for the best spiritual and practical experience they can have InshaAllah. This seminar is also valuable for those not going for Hajj this year to learn about this important pillar of Islam and how it connects with the Legacy of Ibrahim (AS).
In this seminar, the students will learn the following.

  • The significance and purpose of Hajj
  • The history of Hajj
  • The virtues of Hajj
  • The life and legacy of Ibrahim (AS)
  • Mental and physical preparation for Hajj
  • The Fiqh of Hajj (How to perform Hajj)
  • Practical guidance and tips on Hajj
  • Advice on how to connect ourselves with Ibrahim (AS)
  • The significance of Umrah during non-Hajj periods
  • Advice on how to carry on the spirit of Hajj after returning home

Module 6 – Purposeful Dawah – The Art of Inviting to Allah according to Qur’an and Seerah

Why Are We Muslims Pushing Other People Away From Islam?
“His (Prophet Muhammad’s) character, attitude and behaviour is the Qur’an” – Ayshah (RA) – Wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

“We must understand that dawah is firstly for us before anyone else. Dawah is not something like a profession where we go through some procedures. People should believe in the dawah themselves before inviting others” – Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi

Many Muslims think that dawah is something where they can be trained in some formulas or techniques and repeat them with non-Muslims. However dawah is not such a lowly and cheap thing to be done this way, the way Christian missionaries invite others to their faith. Dawah is something very high and lofty in Islam.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) embodied dawah in every sense. His speech was dawah and his silence was dawah; his action was dawah and his inaction was dawah; his worship was dawah and his socialising was dawah; his external character was dawah and his internal attitude was dawah; his public life was dawah and private life was dawah. In other words he WAS dawah. He was coherent so his message was coherent. The people around him including his enemies understood this very well.

Sadly we think that dawah is some words we say or something written in a booklet or some “positive gestures” we make for the “sake of dawah”. However we ourselves go against what we are calling for in many ways including our attitude, character, spirituality, worship and outlook. This not only gives a confused message to the non-Muslims but sometimes it completely puts them off Islam.


Diploma in Usul al-Deen – Fundamentals of Islam

Diploma in Usul al-Deen – Fundamentals of Islam

Course Fees:

Full payment – £399  £199 [Till end of July 2018]
Monthly Subscription – 4 x £99 

Terms & Conditions : [Click here]



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