Cambridge Islamic College’s mission is to produce a generation of independent Islamic scholars and thinkers who are at the same time working professionals contributing to the wider British society. Cambridge Islamic College is committed to bridging the disconnect between mainstream secular education and specialised Islamic studies. It puts particular emphasis on attracting bright, capable students who are already professionals or on the way to becoming professionals. It expects its graduates to be active as role models in their communities, respected both for their knowledge of the religion and for the flexibility, realism, and independence of mind with which they apply it. In this way they will inspire others to combine the practice of Islam with a positive concern to use their personal and professional skills for the benefit of the whole society.

Cambridge Islamic College takes its students through a rigorous and critical study of the classical Islamic sciences and their sub-disciplines. No doubt, some students will go on to become specialists in Islamic studies and make that their profession. But that is not the primary aim of the College. Alongside the Islamic sciences, the contemporary challenges facing the world and Muslims in particular, are a core focus of the curriculum. Students are encouraged to develop an informed understanding of the shared and different values among Muslims and non-Muslims, and to cultivate the essentially religious virtue of respect and tolerance of others. That virtue is also the basis of civility and good citizenship, and the foundation of a cohesive society that embraces and enjoys its diversity.